Noble Seed, Royal Soil: From the Universe to You

3133CarleyJ20101207reg-smallNoble Seed, Royal Soil:
From the Universe to You

If every sentient being is a “Noble Seed,” how do we create the personal and cultural “Soil” for each and every Seed to reach fullest fruition?

For the first time in history, we have the awareness and inter-connectivity to consciously evolve. This 7-week Intensive is about conscious personal, communal, and global evolution. Rev. Dr. Joni Carley weaves universal principles with personal process to explore:

  • the complex terrain of personal, professional and universal values, needs and desires
  • our interdependency with everyone and everything else
  • re-contextualizing the things you care about
  • making changes that make a difference
  • Old & New Paradigm economic, social and workplace principles

For: Community builders, spiritual progressives,
questioners, and difference-makers.

Weekly Topics
1. Spirituality
2. Cosmology
3. Nature & Metaphysics
4. Cultural, Social & Professional Development
5. Dollars & Sustenance
6. Interdependence
7. Personal evolution

For more information and to register:
(610) 566-9927

Cost: $149

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